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Can I allow comment on knowledgebase single post?

Yes, you can. Go to plugin option panel>Knowledgebase Page tab. Bottom of the page you will get a section called “comment display settings”. Turn it on to allow comment on your KB post. Remember, Theme support is required to display comment box after knowledgebase details.

Can I customize Knowledgebase slug?

Yes, you can. Plugin comes with full control to customize default slug value. By default plugin generate URL like following example-   But, you can easily set your own custom slug in plugin option panel. For example- your custom slug will be ‘my-kb’. Then your URL will be like-   So, to do…

Can I insert shortcode as knowledge base content?

Yes, you can insert shortcode as knowledge base content.

Can I attach files with knowledgebase Post?

Yes, you can add unlimited number of attachment with each KB post. You can also sort attachment files using drag and drop feature.

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